Pay Per Click

Lack of PPC knowledge and improper strategy and execution of PPC campaigns result in the biggest losses of any online marketing strategy.

For all PPC accounts, we implement the use of Multi-Variant Testing to improve the conversion of visitors to the site, as well as various analytics programs (internal and 3rd party) and detailed reporting

Our proprietary OPC (On Page Conversion) techniques help maximize the campaign so that it increases the total number of conversions while at the same time decreases the cost of each individual conversion, which in essence maximizes our client’s ROI.

When managing your online advertising campaigns, it is better left with the professionals who have worked in your industry before and know the competitive landscape which gives you a greater edge, and a much higher chance of success. It is almost impossible to keep up to date with the current rules and changes in the Adwords marketplace. Google and other PPC platforms are constantly reinventing the playbook since the industry is growing fast and

is growing fast and careful management is required as this new form of advertising needs heightened oversight. Daily monitoring and updating is needed to make sure that you are not wasting your budget. Also constant reading on this topic is necessary to learn of new techniques and ways to save money and also more effectively target the audience you are after. Our advanced bidding methods will help to save you money and allow you to generate comprehensive reports that clearly indicate your ROI so you can monitor the success of your campaign.

PPC Equals Faster Results

Pay-per-click advertising has a quick set-up and money spent will immediately translate into “clicks” to your site

Greybox PPC Management Services will…

› Increase click rates and traffic to your site
› Increase your overall return on investment (RO)
› Enhance your advertisement position
› Decrease CPC (cost-per-click) as well as CPV (cost-per-conversion)
› Save time and money
› Reduce management cost
› Accelerate advertisement campaign performance