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Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends. – Walt Disney

Our clients range from start-up companies, to non-profit organizations, fortune 100 and global brands. We take on large and small-scale projects from a variety of diverse industries.

Apex Capital
Apollo Capital Management
Angle Park
Ariane Capital Partners
Ashton Benefits
Athena Capital Advisors
Baycrest Partners
Benefits Associate
Brigade Capital Management
Centocor Ortho Biotech
Claren Road Asset Management
Cloverlay Partners
Cohesive Capital Partners
Columbus Hill Capital
Compass Events
Conifer Financial Services
Constellation Associates
Corbin Capital Partners
Cosmos Granite and Marble
Crew New York
CSL Capital Management
Diamond Hill Capital Management
ETRM Services
Falcon Gray
Five Rings Capital
Flint Ridge Capital
Fusion Analytics
Geoffrey Beene
Geosphere Capital Management
Geowealth Management
Get Devs
Glenhill Capital
Global Endowment Management
Gramercy Healthcare Management
Gramercy Surgery Center
Groveland Capital LLC
Hamburg Kennedy Photography
Heronetta Management
Hetzel Capital
Hunting Hill Global Capital
HSMF Women’s Care
Ian K. Katz
Inline Realty Inc
Investment Professionals Charity
James Rixner
Jane Street Capital

Kantner Foundation
Lloyd Group
Lamont Limited
Leftfield Pictures
Level One Holdings
Luxury Big Island
Lynch Clarke Advisors
Manhattan Athletic Club
McKin Health Care Specialties
Multiphase Engineering Corporation
NewPath Capital
New York Yankees Steakhouse
Novo Nordisk, Inc.
Old Greenwich Capital Partners
Pen America
Permanens Capital
Polaris Corporate Risk Management
Precision IT Group
Promethean Management
Redshift Technologies
RK Equity
Robert Legere Companies
Rockledge Advisors
SB One Bank
Scalp Micro USA
Society for Reproductive Medicine
Sonic Union
Southampton Social Club
Stonework Design & Consulting
SunScope Capital
The Baseball Center NYC
Tommy Hilfiger
TriBeCa MedSpa
Tri-K Industries
Tyger Media
US Army/Navy
Undefined Creative
Verify Financial
WE Endeavor
W.R. Samuels
Witherspoon Asset Management

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