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Mistakes Companies Make in Social Media Marketing

Apr 15, 2015

As a new terrain, social media marketing is a place for companies to explore a different language and master another approach to connecting with their customers. Because of this, companies are bound to make mistakes along the way. We’ve compiled a list of the most common ones below, and some of them are really easy…

Logo Design: Two Inspiring Redesign Stories

Mar 30, 2015

Any conversation regarding corporate identity almost always begins with the logo. As one of the primary tools for introducing a company or a brand to its target market, logo design calls for a considerable investment of time, effort, and other resources. In the case of the two examples below, logo design also demands the organizations’…

Corporate Branding Strategy: Leveraging the Legacy – Family Business Identity

Mar 15, 2015

In the United States and across the globe, millions of family businesses operate, achieving varying levels of success. Some actively establish a corporate identity as family-owned, while others do not leverage on this aspect of their background at all. For this entry, we ask the following questions: How does a company establish a family business…