The most effective visual brands are built on a strategic foundation.

That means that before designing your identity or your website, it’s immensely beneficial to take some time to answer fundamental questions about who you are, what you offer, and who you serve. This helps ensure that the creative work reflects the image that needs to be projected.

GreyBox and Tronvig Group Complete 360 Branding Solution

Our complete process is a deep engagement that often takes the path of five different phases. We start by gathering internal and external insight. Then we turn this into a robust brand strategy that can transform your organization. We make sure every employee is aligned on how this strategy impacts their daily work. And of course, we make sure you look the part with a beautifully executed visual brand.

Customer Insight
Creative Execution
See The Process
  • Discovery

    Brand strategy diagnostic workshop
    • Brand Pyramid
    • Brand Value Map
    • Values Definitions
    • Brand Value Map
    • Hypothetical Marketing Targets Diagram
    • Outtake Document
  • Customer Insight

    Qualitative research
    Competitive advantage analysis based on persona
    interviews with customers and prospects (minimum of 2 personas and 5 interviews per persona)
  • Strategy

    Action recommendations
    • Brand Positioning
    • Business Opportunities
    • Marketing Opportunities
    • Consulting Time
    • Marketing Targets Selection
    • Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Alignment

    Internal application of the brand
    Workshops with each department or functional
    unit (5-30 participants per workshop)
  • Creative Execution

    External application of the brand
    Execution is dependenton the strategy and
    determined based on the project need.

    • Messaging
    • Identity Systems
    • Advertising
    • Website
    • Collateral

Together we offer a complete 360 branding solution, but we know that not everyone needs or can afford this. So Tronvig Group has created a more affordable guided tutorial using their foundational tool, the Brand Pyramid.

The Brand Pyramid is the first step in creating a more coherent and valuable brand. It is meant to be built in a workshop that brings together different people and perspectives in your organization. It gives you clarity about fundamental brand strategy questions and helps you build consensus around the answers to those questions. Ultimately, it helps a company become a better-functioning operation and essentially becomes a company's branding and marketing playbook.

The Brand Pyramid outtake document improves the creative process. It’s the product of a robust dialogue between employees, which sparks new insights and ideas that would never come up in a basic question and answer segment. Should it be whimsical or serious? Contemporary or traditional? Bright or subdued? Strategy keeps the design process focused and minimizes the role of personal taste.

It’s not about you, the CEO, the Vice President, or Jane in accounting. Instead of designing to appease individuals within the firm, the Brand Pyramid allows us to design for the target audience.
Our video tutorial package gives you support along the way. Here’s what you get:

Access to the 7-video series.
There’s an introduction to the Brand Pyramid and Tronvig Group’s philosophy, a video for each of the five levels of the Brand Pyramid, and an appendix with tips on how to run a successful workshop.

3 hours of consulting time by phone.
We’ll answer your questions and prepare you to run your Brand Pyramid workshop. Later, we’ll review the outcome and help you refine it. Finally, we’ll bring in our creative team to talk about applying your Brand Pyramid visually.

Brand Pyramid worksheet.
We’ll give you a guide to brainstorming and refining your answer to each of the five questions.

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